North And South America

By Xue Zhang

The Amazing Secret To Zero Calorie Flavor Wonderland!

Have you ever wondered how zero sugar and zero calorie beverages manage to taste deliciously sweet without the use of sugar? Sugar is where sweetness comes from, right? Well, the truth is that there are other options, including one found commonly in all-natural fruits and fermented foods like wine, soy sauce, or Japanese sake. This amazing food, which you have already tasted if you enjoy fresh fruit, is known by scientists as "erythritol".
Don't let the fancy wording confuse you, though, this is a normal food product known as a substitute sugar. These alternatives to sugar have been known about and used everyday for more than a hundred years.
In addition to this substitute sugar, there is also the flavor-packed sweetener known as "sucralose", a flavoring known to be more than three hundred times sweeter than sugar. This sweet stuff is commonly found in restaurants all over America in the yellow packets provided alongside sugar (in white packets) and saccharin (in pink packets). The restaurant industry knows that when you are drinking coffee or tea, there's a lot of good reasons to choose something other than sugar to sweeten your drink.
(alternative sugar in the diner)
What are these reasons? To start, sugar in drinks adds a lot of calories to your diet. Anybody looking to control their calorie intake would hate to give up their favorite drink, and sweeteners like substitute sugar let you have your cake and eat it, too. In addition, sugar causes a variety of nasty things to happen to your mouth. Have you ever noticed your mouth feeling more slippery or sticky after drinking a syrupy soda? Sugar-based sweeteners have a hand in that, because the germs in your mouth that cause bad breath love to multiply by feeding on sugar. In contrast, mouth bacteria cannot feed on sucralose or erythritol, meaning you get to keep your breath fresh and smile white while you enjoy a sweetened beverage!
If this isn't enough for you, keep in mind that science has proven again and again that the substitute sugars erythritol and sucralose work to make you taste the sweetness in every sip, more safely than sugar ever could. The governments in the United States and the European Union have approved the use of these sweeteners, and decades of use and research show that they were right to do so.
It is for all of these reasons that we have chosen to use sucralose and erythritol in our drinks. Whether serving our Asian inspired flavours of sparkling water or our antioxidant-filled oolong teas, you can count on a taste wonderland when you enjoy one of our beverages! Choose from flavors like lychee, plum passion, and white strawberry& Coconut without worrying over calories or sugar.
Our product team has worked seamless to perfect the taste with the addition of surclose and erythirol. We are so confident in our drinks that we offer a 40 days money back guarantee - if our drinks are not enough to satisfy you, don't worry about it! We'll refund you for your purchase, hassle-free. We're ready to put it all on the line to bring you amazing drinks - are you ready to try them?