North And South America

By Xue Zhang

The Wonders of Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are considered “semi-oxidized,” - the oxidation falls somewhere between green and black tea. This takes a tremendous amount of skill from the craftsman who partially oxidizes the leaf using special rolling, withering and shaping techniques. Genki Forest dedicated itself to improving craftship on making the best-quality oolong tea. Our single-brew, iced-up teas are crafted by a tea master with fresh leaves plucked from the tea paradise of China’s Anxi region. For our R Tea product, we brewed it with the whole leaf which generates a better taste. Additionally, another thing worth mentioning is that all our R Tea products are strictly chosen with only the first extraction
Fitness gurus have turned to oolong tea for its long list of benefits, and it has become a modern ritual for those who are looking to improve wellness and fitness to sit down with friends or family and sip on a cup of this delicious tea for all its health benefits. It contains high levels of antioxidants, higher than those found in green and black teas.Studies show that it increases brain function by increasing dopamine levels, improving mood, and giving the body what it craves. Additive consumption triggers the release of dopamine - which is obviously an inferior source to a cup of delicate oolong tea. Another finding about oolong tea has significantly positive impact on digestion. It is also studied that oolong tea helps improve digestion and gut health, which, better yet, could lead to better weight management. As our brand name ‘CHI’ represents, positive energy and wellness are the points we are trying to promote and our oolong tea product plays as a great medium to showcase our brand value.
This artisan-crafted all-day refreshment also helps to boost alertness and energy, which will help you have better workouts and better performance at work, with the kids, and with the wife/husband. Everyone loves someone who is attentive. It comes in four different flavors: original, brown rice, peach, and strawberry jasmine. Whichever flavor you chose, the results will be the same.
So what are you waiting for? Make the choice to try oolong tea today and make the conscious decision to improve your life. A joyful life is only a cup of tea away.